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How Fixing These 3 Things Can Enhance Your Marketing, Command the Attention Your Products and Services Deserve, and Make YOU a Better Business Owner!


"We Help You Do Marketing Better So You Can Be a Better Business Owner."

Congratulations! You’ve done the hard work of creating a product or service that people want, opened your online doors to the public, and made your first sale! YOU are a business owner.

Maybe you’ve even had one of your social media posts go viral, you’ve built a small list, your launch landed a few paying clients, or you had a month of sales that stoked the fires of hope that you’re going to reach that breakthrough number that equals success! 

But…that viral post didn’t turn into qualified leads. Or you’re having difficulty getting your emails into the inbox. Or, you haven’t had a month of sales as good as that one since your launch.

You are ready to BOOST your success, but you’re unsure where to start or how to optimize your current strategies. Here's the good news:

The Better Business Owners Network can help!

We are the Better Business Owners Network, and our network of highly qualified marketing professionals is tailor-made to work with women and men aged 25-55+ running businesses in the United States.  

With over 40+ years of combined experience, we work with business owners just like you to fine-tune your marketing processes in:

  • Direct Response Copywriting— To help you create & fine tune compelling messaging on your landing page, home page, emails, and social media ads that CONVERT

  • Email Deliverability—Ensure your emails consistently land in the inbox, maintaining your business's online reputation

  • Social Media Marketing—harnessing the power of social media trends with strategies and media that reflect your brand integrity and that turn “likes” into LEADS

so that they hum along like a well-oiled sales machine, building trust, converting leads, increasing profits, AND making YOU a Better Business Owner!

You Don’t Have to Navigate Marketing Alone!

The Better Business Owners Network is your go-to team for the perfect blend between DIY marketing and high-cost Done For You marketing. When you work with BBON, we work WITH you, tailoring our services to meet your business’s unique needs, elevating your marketing without breaking the bank, and empowering you to get back to what you’re best at–running your business.


  1. Click the "APPLY NOW" button below to fill out the intake form.

  2. This form comes straight to our inbox.

  3. We Review Your Information as a Team, then…

  4. We Send You a Calendar Link to Set Up a FREE initial Consultation with the BBON Team. 

  5. During That Consultation, ALL of Us—You and the BBON Team—Decide If We Are a Fit, and we move forward with the next steps that help your business jump into the marketing spotlight.

Why An Application Process?

You are a busy business owner, and each BBON team member is also a busy professional in their field. We appreciate that your time is extremely valuable. By filling out an intake application, you're letting us know if BBON fits your needs.

It's the best way we know of to protect your precious time and still help you get the marketing you need.


Jack Fortenbery

Jack Fortenbery is a seasoned expert in Digital Media Coaching boasting 10+ years in corporate technology and 20+ years in media production. With a B.S. degree in Music Technology, Jack has empowered numerous clients to cultivate thriving online communities and drive qualified leads through impactful video and audio content. You can listen to his podcast "Better Business Owners Podcast" geared towards educating business owners about content creation and learn more about CDP Media at www.cdpmediainc.com

Neil Robinson

Neil Robinson has been in IT for over 20 years with a primary focus on supporting email platforms from small business all the way up to large corporations. Within the last 5 years his focus shifted from managing the inbound email servers to making sure the client’s marketing emails get delivered to the inbox. As Deliverability Expert, he is working to help each client make sure they are conquering any roadblocks they have with their email marketing. Whether that is helping set up new systems, optimizing current processes, or resolving major deliverability issues.

Leslie Nafus

Right now, # 1 International Best-selling author and certified Direct Response Copywriter and copywriting coach Leslie Nafus is probably on SOME adventure with her husband--rafting down the Grand Canyon, snorkeling with turtles in the tropics, hiking up a mountain, sailing in the San Juan Islands, or finding some good grinds in an out-of-the-way eating spot. When not adventuring, she employs her two decades of experience and expertise in marketing and copywriting to help businesses and entrepreneurs craft compelling copy to connect with their audiences. Check out her FREE guide, "3 Hacks to Make Your Copy Better--Right Now," on
leslienafus.com, and sign up for updates and more copywriting hacks.


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